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From April 1st, this new standard for cement bags will be implemented!

Date:2022-04-17 Click:0

According to the National Standardization Administration, the "Cement Packaging Bag" standard GB/T9774-2020 released on September 29, 2020 will be officially implemented on April 1. On September 29, 2020, the National Standardization Administration released the new standard GB/T9774-2020 "Cement Packaging Bags". With the release of the new standard, cement packaging bags will be completely "abandoned and replaced with paste", that is, the seamed bottom bag type will be completely eliminated, and the cement packaging bag will only be limited to the square bottom valve bag type. After the implementation of the new standard, it marks the historic reform of cement packaging bags in my country, which not only conforms to the national environmental protection policy, but also provides an opportunity for packaging enterprises and cement enterprises to achieve high-quality development in an all-round way. Ash is a serious problem that causes environmental dead ends. Main technical changes of the new standard

(1) Technical requirements

▶The bag making process is modified from the original paste bottom bag and seam bottom bag to a square bottom valve bag with adhesive and heat sealing.

▶The bag making material increases the requirements for plastic woven cloth and plastic film, and the quality of the laminating film should be greater than 18g/m2

▶Added bag type requirements

▶Modified the physical performance requirements of laminating plastic woven bags and paper-plastic composite bags

▶The applicable temperature of laminating plastic woven bag and paper-plastic composite bag has been changed from the original three grades of no higher than 80℃, no higher than 90℃, no higher than 100℃ to one grade of no higher than 100℃

▶The firmness of the laminated plastic woven bag and the paper-plastic composite bag has been changed from the original 8 times without breaking the bag to 6 times without breaking the bag.

(2) Test method

▶Increase bag type detection, use visual inspection to judge bag type

▶The sampling of the mass per unit area test is changed from the original two 100mm×100mm square samples to two 0.01m2 round samples

▶Specify the production process of small bags for moisture-proof performance and the influence of bag-making materials on cement strength

▶The moisture-proof test curing system was revised, and the curing humidity range was changed from the original 90%±5%RH to 80%±5%RH. The maintenance and placement requirements are refined: the pouches are arranged in a stacking manner, the lower and uppermost parts of the pouches are laid with dense moisture-proof hard partitions, and then the total mass of 2000g is used to compact and compact, and the number of stacking layers is small. in packs of 10.

(3) Others

The new version of the standard deletes the bag type of the bottom seam bag, deletes the code of the bottom seam bag, deletes the basic size of the bottom seam bag, deletes the inspection report, deletes the arbitration, deletes the newly developed packaging bag stereotype approval, and modifies the packaging bag filling. Packing process suitability test, modified bag bottom width and allowable deviation.