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Beach seats

    Product Name: Beach seats
    Product specifications: can be customized according to customer needs
    Material: PP
    Color: White, or other colors
    Style: Outer composite BOPP film
    Structure: non-woven edge sewing
    Stitch method: no hem
    Advantages: high strength, good ductility, beautiful and applicable
    Process: Drawing> Circular> Printing> Composite> Cutting> Sewing> Sorting> Packaging> Storage> Shipping
    Usage: mainly used for beach, outdoor tourism
    Applicable type: repeated use
  • Product Details

    Product Features:
    1, all with a new material production
    2, product ductility and heat resistance of outstanding performance, first-class quality
    3, the use of cold incision, neat non-adhesive, or hot incision, do not loose edge
    4, advanced suture technology, can ensure that products do not loose edge
    5, thread from the beginning and ending overlap, leaving enough 2-5cm, to prevent scattered lines
    6, printing full of bright does not fade
    1, closed packaging, prohibit hooks, bar, barbed, designated, prohibited and corrosive items, stored in a cool, dry, clean warehouse.
    2, away from fire, light, air, heat. Day-woven bags, both pay attention to product quality, but also focus on the quality of packaging, product storage in a clean, dry and safe environment.
    3, in the transport process to avoid the sun, rain
    4, in the course of its use to minimize the drag on it, especially with the ground friction, which may accelerate the destruction of packaging, affecting the quality of the product
    5, try to use the new material to do the bags, in response to national environmental requirements
    6, common problems: due to improper protection or use, leading to damage to the bag or accelerated aging
    7, the product passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification