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How to prevent the woven bag from bending

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    Woven bags are used by us to store things. The quality of woven bags determines the storage time of our things. If the woven bags are bent, it will also affect our ordinary storage. If the woven bag after hot pressing is cut within 24 hours, it is easy to bend. The relative solution is actually very simple. After this problem occurs, we should select the substrate film on the surface of the self sealing bag, adjust the tension of each part of the composite processing equipment, and make the retraction rate of the two composite substrates equal as much as possible. Secondly, we can adjust the tension of the floating roll, Select the inner sealing base material with low-temperature heat sealing property, and adjust the heat sealing temperature to the appropriate temperature. The important point is that when producing color printing woven bags, the materials should be fully cooled and matured before entering the heat sealing process,In this way, there will be no problem of warping.