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We are a fertilizer production enterprises, the rapid development, expanding the scale.
As we all know, Chinese smarter, is a parody of country, all walks of life spared, of course the fertilizer industry is no exception.
We double Feng company in cooperation with the big companies, talking about how to use the anti-counterfeiting technology on the woven bag, the fake and shoddy products to distinguish strictly, in order to protect themselves.
Unexpectedly, in this regard, the company has a lot of successful experience. They said, 20 years ago, in cooperation with European countries, European countries to provide a large number of fake bags; in China, there have been several fertilizer factory so that they had several different security bags, the effect is also very good, the packaging can not be the factory the fertilizer is identified, not only to ensure that the interests of the fertilizer manufacturers, also hit the criminals, safeguarding the interests of fertilizer production enterprises. In the subsequent cooperation, we found that their security measures not only more, but also very clever, really played a security function and effect, and effectively protect the reputation of our company.

Anhui environmental protection of the new material Limited by Share Ltd is a story, experienced, creative woven bag production enterprises, the general business did not have something to share with you. Days specializing in the production of woven bags for more than 30 years, exports of woven bags for nearly 30 years, has accumulated a wealth of technology and experience and contacts, large customers and friends all over the country and around the world. You are welcome to join us!

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