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We are a food industry enterprise. Our cooperation with Anhui Tianda results from the business cooperations between Cargill and Tianda. Because Cargill is our customer and their requirements for suppliers are quite high. We believe that Cargill's suppliers are trustworthy. So, We did not audit Tianda when we started working with them. Since the cooperation with the days since they have a stable supply and stable product quality assurance, We feel that Cargill’s choice are correct since they have a stable supply capability and quality assurance., We also regard Tianda as our priority supplier.

In fact, the way to choose supplier is smart and correct for Qishi.Why do you think so? You know, Cargill is the world's powerful food companies,it is difficult to be her qualified supplier.. it has many strict access limits, really like the emperor select wife. As a supplier, it must pass at least once annual audit to get a overall evaluation. Anhui Tianda has cooperated with some of Fortune 500 companies such Cargill. So many "doctor" kept making regular "physical examination", it is hard to be "unhealth" . Such a company is trustworthy. It is not surprised that Tianda is chosen as partners for so many high-quality customers.

Note: The commets above are from our partners.