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Why is the ton bag oxidized?

Date:2018-09-30 Click:0
  Tons of bags are a kind of commonly used packaging woven bags. The range of use is very wide. We can know that after the ton bag has been used once, its strength will be reduced and oxidation will occur. Why?
In the natural environment, under direct sunlight, the strength of the plastic container bag is reduced to 25% after one week, and 40% after two weeks, which is basically unsafe. Therefore, the storage and storage of tons of bags is critical.
The ton bag is made of polypropylene, drawn, woven, sewn or pasted, and the loading weight is generally 200kg-3T.
Tons of bags should be stored in a cool and clean room. Avoid sun and rain when transporting. They should not be near heat sources. The storage period should not exceed 18 months. In fact, the plastic ton bag may age in 18 months, so the validity period of the ton bag should be shortened, and it should be within 12 months. Tons of bags should be stored away from direct sunlight.
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