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Fertilizer woven bag standard

Date:2022-04-28 Click:0

There are also strict standards for the production of fertilizer woven bags

1. my country has made detailed regulations on the packaging technical requirements of fertilizers, the quality of packaging materials, the test methods of packaging parts, the inspection rules and the signs of packaging parts. The standard specifies the packaging materials for solid fertilizers: the outer bag is a plastic woven bag, the inner bag is a high-density or low-density or modified polyethylene film bag, or a two-in-one composite bag, but ammonium bicarbonate is not packaged in a composite bag. The standard also specifically points out that it is not allowed to use plastic films produced from recycled materials as inner weighing bags in multi-layer bags. Any packaging materials that do not meet the above requirements and are of poor quality should be noted that they may be fake and shoddy products.

2. It is clearly stipulated in the standard that the product name, trademark, nutrient content or grade, net weight, production plant name and address, standard label and production license number must be printed on the fertilizer package. In addition, pay attention to whether the fertilizer packaging is in good condition. If you find split marks or heavy seams, pay special attention to those who use old packaging to fill fake and inferior fertilizers. The above are the two major requirements of the country for chemical fertilizer packaging bags. It is also the formulation of these two standards that is conducive to our identification of the authenticity of chemical fertilizers and can avoid buying fake and shoddy products to a certain extent.