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Single bag

  • Product Details

    Product performance characteristics
    (1) can withstand the following materials filling 70 ℃ and multiple handling turnover.
    (2) bag surface smooth, bright and clean, beautiful, rich in pattern, color clear, and has security.
    (3) sealing, moisture resistance, waterproof and antifouling superior performance can be open-air stacking, easy to transport and storage, internal products do not melt, not caking, without losing quantity, quality is not lost.
    (4) bags special formula, when the temperature does not soften deformation, the case is not cold brittle fracture rupture; UV resistance, color stability; compared with woven bags, etc., can be stored and internal product packaging, shelf-life extension of double time .
    (5) flexible package capacity, for different businesses on the color, thickness, specifications, different requirements designed to suit different manufacturers and different regional needs.
    (6) to save investment speed packaging line costs.
    (7) With the application of new materials, the film thickness gradually reduced, the intensity gradually increased, the overall cost of packaging is superior to traditional packaging.
    (8) in line with national industrial policy, easy to deal with recycling, to maximize the protection of the ecological.
    Product advantages: Heavy bags can save customers the cost of high-speed packaging line costs, low cost, good sealing moisture and printing performance and other aspects of the dominant position.