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Warmly welcome the leaders of COFCO flour industry (Taixing) Co., Ltd. to our company for guidance!

Date:2021-10-24 Click:0

This week, leaders of COFCO flour industry (Taixing) Co., Ltd. visited our company for inspection and guidance. COFCO flour (Taixing) Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise invested by Hong Kong Pengtai (Qinhuangdao) Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Pengtai (Qinhuangdao) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China Grain and Oil Holding Co., Ltd., a listed company of COFCO group in Hong Kong. The company was established in December 2008 with a registered capital of HK $55.3876 million and a total investment of HK $84 million, covering an area of 46000 square meters. It is mainly engaged in wheat processing and noodle processing. The company processes 350 tons of wheat and 60 tons of noodles per day. It is one of the important production bases of "China famous brand" -- "Xiangxue" series flour and "Fulinmen" series flour and noodles.

Since the establishment of cooperative relationship with COFCO flour (Taixing) Co., Ltd., our company has supplied various types of woven bags for COFCO flour (Taixing) Co., Ltd. In terms of product quality, our company has strict requirements and control. There is a quality review mechanism from raw materials to packaging and delivery to ensure that each woven bag issued by our company meets the needs of customers. Customers can rest assured of our intentions! Welcome new and old customers to our company for investigation and guidance

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