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What are the advantages of the square bottom valve bag?

Date:2020-04-12 Click:0
The central advantages of square bottom valve pockets are:
1 Low breakage rate, safe operation during transportation and storage, even in areas with incomplete logistics infrastructure, the breakage rate is less than 1%;
2 No cement leakage, perfect sealing of the packaging, long-term protection of the cement from unhealthy, and effective reduction of dust pollution;
3 High resource utilization rate, made of new polypropylene raw materials, without sewing thread and adhesive, 100% recyclable;
4 Extend the warranty period of cement and store cement safely for a long time without worrying about product damage;
5 Conducive to the automation of cement filling and loading;
The manufacturing process of the square bottom valve pocket is advanced, the output is high, it can realize automatic filling, and the stacking is stable and tidy after packaging, which is conducive to transportation. And after filling, it effectively avoids the ash leakage phenomenon of suture pinholes, which greatly reduces the discharge of dust in the packaging workshop, loading dust and transportation dust, and thus reduces environmental pollution.
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